Scavenger Hunter


 4 – 6

Grade Levels

Pre-K – 1

This game utilizes treasure maps to support emerging readers as they learn to decode. With a focus on phonetics, children are the treasure hunters as they solve the maps by choosing the correct tile to place under the corresponding picture

Another feature within the set is sheets of fun stories. The teacher calls out the word, and the students highlight the sight words within the text using various color combinations.


A linchpin is defined as something that is vital to an enterprise or organization. With Linchpin recaps, students review the standards for English Language Arts that are integral to mastering the art of reading, writing, and speaking the English Language, which is vital to communication. A quick daily review to jumpstart the class and reinforce taught standards.

Scribble Scrabble

A writing journal that uses fun, imaginative prompts that work on specific portions of the student's writing and addresses the common core writing standards. These are short-timed writing drills.


Verbalism is a card game similar to Bingo.

A vocabulary and terminology game. Want a fun way to review or reinforce vocabulary. Research states that every literate person have a three-level vocabulary:

Tier 1

Basic words

Tier 2

High-frequency, multi-domains words

Tier 3

Low practical and frequency use (brief usage period)

This has a significant role in how one utilizes and understands the English language. Yet, many students struggle with Tier 2 words because they don’t hear it in everyday language and struggle with it when they read it in print.

Verbalism addresses Tier 2 words for different grade levels to reinforce new and alternate vocabulary.

Additionally, instructions are provided to have different ways to play the games. Students can locate the word on the card based on the definition or how it is used in a sentence, find the synonym or antonym, and even find the word based on the picture. This game provides several ways to reinforce fluent, comprehensive vocabulary.

Sets for every grade level with different vocabulary levels within the collection.

Don’t Stop Dancing

“Don’t Stop Dancing is a great dance knowledge game. It supports dance terminology and vocabulary while also reinforcing practical every-day practice and perfection of dance movement.”

Similar to the popular game of Charades and Heads up, one player pulls a card without looking at it and displays it to their partner. The other player must execute the dance move for the partner to guess. Each pair gets 90 seconds to guess as many dance moves as possible. Each team receives points (via chips) for the number of correct answers.

Also available as an app

Tournament Turnpike

Tournament Turnpike is a board game similar to Monopoly but for Speech and Debate.

Travel through the states to collect medals and trophies to ultimately qualify and compete at Nationals. You have to perform specific tasks to collect the awards as you travel. Whether it is a one-minute impromptu speech, interpretation, or debate drill, Tournament Turnpike is a fun way for the kids to enjoy and reinforce the fundamentals of Speech and Debate

ICME (I C see Me)

ICME is a series of educational learning experiences where children of all cultures can learn through representation in their curriculum.